Project 60/65 a community collaboration site for Springfield Missouri

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What would you do with 200 acres of green space?

Now is your chance to tell us. Share your great ideas about how we can create interesting and useful outdoor space that enhances the quality of life for Springfieldians.

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help us make our space your place?

The 6065 Team is committed to establishing a green development: Low impact, ample green space, energy-efficient. Designed to be a “walkable” development, residents can live, work and shop in one place, thereby reducing traffic, auto usage and parking space.

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where do you want to shop?

Vote now for the retailers that you would like to see in Springfield. We know you have opinions and we want to hear them.

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what restaurants do you enjoy?

Everybody knows that Springfield is truly a restaurant kind of town. But there's always room for one more great dining destination. Vote now your favorites.

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Project 6065 is putting Springfield in the driver’s seat. This is your opportunity to request the shopping, dining and outdoor amenities that you feel will enhance the quality of life for Springfield residents, and have a positive economic impact on our city. This mixed use/lifestyle development will incorporate an unprecedented 200 acres of green space.

We want to hear from you. Vote now and make this space your space.